Thursday, September 29, 2011

Get Inspired!

This week I have been totally drooling over an app on my iPhone called Pinterest. For those of you who haven't heard of it, you can also access it online at if you don't have an iPhone. Once your there, in order to get in you have to request an invite but they usually send you one within 24 hours. This fabulous website is like a visual blog. You can see great ideas for weddings, outfits, recipes, decorating, DIY and sooooo much more. I am OBSESSED! When you find something you love you just repin it to your own board and are able to go back and look at it later. And you can follow your friends so you can see what they are finding or creating. It is an amazing way to get inspired and come up with your own creative ideas.

Here's an adorable idea I found this week for you brides-to-be. If your having a ring bearer in your wedding, more than likely you'll get him a little pillow to carry down the aisle. I know very few brides who actually put their rings on this pillow and the pillows themselves get very pricey AND once you use it that day it will probably be put in a box to gather dust and take up space. Of course you still want the little guy to carry something because well, it's adorable! SO here's an alternative:

Isn't he CUTE! You can expand this idea in all kinds of ways. If you have more than one flower girl, have each hold an end of the sign. Or if your adventurous like my Mom you can make your own signs for the backs of your chairs at the reception. I've also seen these as directional signs to help lead the way to the wedding.

If your not so adventurous you can buy all of these types of signs on and they'll still be handmade and beautiful. I love this personal touch and hope you'll enjoy adding it to your beautiful day.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Whole Lot of Love

It has been a weekend full of love! My little brother Casey married his beautiful bride Leslie yesterday in Greensboro, Georgia. Of course there was lots of planning and preparation in order for it be the fabulous weekend it was. I helped my Mom plan the rehearsal dinner. First, Mom picked out an amazing location just 10 minutes away from their home in Loganville called the Yancey House. We hosted on the lower floor of the house so that we could easily access the garden in the backyard and the huge, comfy gazebo. You can check out this gorgeous southern manor at

As we were planning, Mom asked if I would make favors for the dinner. She loved my cookies so she requested some of my yummy sugar cookies. I was happy to make them for the party and I'm extra happy to share them with you as a follow up to my post a few weeks ago. So here are the delicious results!

So there ya go! Some super cute and super delicious favors for a beautiful couple. It was a fabulous wedding and I have few more highlights to show you from the party on the next post. Until then...


Friday, September 16, 2011

Orange Blossom Wedding Invitations

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with ya'll a Save the Date card I did for my soon to be sister-in-law Leslie. I'm soooooo excited to share with you the wedding invitations I did for her and my brother. First off, Leslie put a lot of faith in me. I had never done a wedding invitation before but she loved the examples I gave her and was impressed with how much cheaper it would be for me to make them for her. I'm really grateful for her trust and belief in my talents. I'm also really proud of how the invites turned out.

This invite was made with:
Orange Blossom Scrapbook Paper (from GCD Studios)
Cream Card Stock Paper (Craft Store)
Brown textured Scrapbook Card Stock (Craft Store)
Cream Envelopes (
I wanted to make a jacket for the invitation so that the Direction and RSVP card were not loose within the envelope. Of course this took a little bit a magic cutting but I was able to take a 12x12 piece of heavy scrapbook paper and make a half fold jacket with a pocket on the left side for the cards. Of course the invitation is the main focus so the other half of the jacket is completely covered by the invitation. I fell in love with the orange blossom paper by GCD Studios and went crazy with it, haha. I made an insert for the envelope so you see it immediatly upon openning the invite, I also cut peices for the closure of the jacket and on the left side of the invite as an accent. It has a great texture and a slightly vintage look, I just couldn't help myself. Plus it went well with Leslie and Casey's outdoor garden wedding theme and her colors Persimmon Orange and Ivory.

Leslie was really pleased with the invitation and I was too! My first attempt at an elegant wedding invite was a success and I hope you enjoy the results as well.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yummy Favors

Hi All! Sorry I'm posting so late in the week. My husband and I moved last weekend and our Internet service is STILL not connected. Ugh, so I am writing to you from campus, in between classes of course.

My latest creation endeavor is taking place in just 2 weeks, but ever the prepared secretary I am planning and plotting now. And since it's fresh in my mind, I thought I would share with you guys how to make this creation into a wonderful part of your shower, wedding or holiday celebration.

I LOVE to bake, probably because I have a sweet tooth but never mind that. This idea originated from a blog post I found when looking for shower ideas for my sister-in-law Alisha. At the time it was a little blog called Hostess with the Mostess done by a fabulous young woman and since she has grown into an even more fabulous website filled with fantastic ideas and pictures. Check out her site here Hostess with the Mostess  Anywho, she did a lingerie shower for a friend and as favors she did these adorable corset shaped sugar cookies. I do sugar cookies at christmas every year so it didn't seem that difficult to do. You could use these cookies as favors for any celebration and I love the idea of sending guests home with something delicious instead on the usual mints, picture frame or some other useless thing that YOU spent way too much money on and your guests will probably throw in a drawer never to be seen again.

I ordered my corset shaped cookie cutter from Copper Gifts, they have tons of cookie cutters in every size and shape imaginable. And for my upcoming endeavor, I ordered a heart shaped and round cutter. I baked my cookies 2 days before I needed them because I wanted to put the cookies in nice clear bags so that the guests could admire the decorations. The royal icing needs to dry over night so that it doesn't stick to the bag and become a big gloopy mess. So 2 days is just enough time and the cookies won't dry out as long as you store them properly. (Flat, in a dry place. Try not to stack them as they may stick together. If you need to stack them place a layer of wax paper between the layers) Of course I planned and plotted how I wanted to make sure my cookies were beautiful so I studied! Check out University of Cookie for great how to videos and tutorials. These ladies are super professional and creative and I can only hope to be that good one day. In total I made about 50 cookies.

I did my cookies in pink icing with white lining and strategically placed pearl sprinkles. It matched the decor well. The bag was tied with a kelly green ribbon and a little tag that read "Thank You". Finally I displayed them in a big white basket, near the door so guests could grab them on their way out.

The girls who attended the shower loved them and the leftovers were eaten by Alisha's fiance and his friends who said it was weird eating a corset cookie but they were too yummy to care. Now THAT is some high praise!

Here are some other ideas for edible gifts:
Mason jars filled with ingredients for cookies or biscuits
Popcorn! In cones or small baskets
A miniature version of your favorite dessert

If you are not culinarily inclined, you can still use this idea. Go to your favorite bakery and order a batch of your favorite cookies. Then it's just all about the packaging! And voile you have a fabulous favor.

I'll be sure to post pics of my creative endeavor in 2 weeks!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Saving the date!

Sorry I haven't posted this week, my husband and I are moving and I just started back to school so I'm just a little bit busy.

But I'm excited to share with you my next creation. My brother got engaged this past spring and I wanted to help them announce their engagement, so I created for Casey and my soon to be sister-in-law Leslie, a Save the date card for their fall wedding. But this couldn't be just any Save the Date card, I wanted it to be really unique. I was inspired by the trend of doing photo booth style photos at weddings and for announcements. So I created my own version!

We did a little photo shoot at a garden near my parent's home. Below are more detailed photos. It was a really fun day, I bought a simple chalk board at the craft store and wrote Save, the, date with with their actual wedding date and took different shots with each word.

I loaded the photos on to my computer and used an easy photo editor to make them black and white photos. I then put them in sequence and printed them on matte 5x7 photos paper. The bottom info card was printed on simple white card stock. The back of the card is also white card stock paper and the cute orange polka dots are scrapbook paper. Leslie chose the orange paper because her wedding colors are persimmon orange and cream.

I also loved the envelope for this card. It was a open end envelope sometimes called a coin envelope, the contemporary style of the envelope went great with the fun, playful card.

This card was so easy to make and was a great personal touch for Casey and Leslie as they prepared for their big day. Later I made wedding invitations for them and I can't wait to share those with you soon.